Chalood's Mural Painting : Retrospective

     The retrospective exhibition of Professor Chalood Nimsamuer, the national artist and the master who creates the artwork for five decades, presents his artworks from past to present. For example, installation arts in 'Rural Artist' concept, drawings of 'Poem', 'Daughter' and paintings of 'Dhammasilpa'. This exhibition will also feature his latest collection, 'Mural Paintings'. 

     Chalood Nimsamer, a senior artist and one of Silpa Bhirasri’s star student, is an influential figure in Thailand’s contemporary art. As an experimental artist, Chalood has created many valuable works of art earning him the honor of being titled the “Distinguished Artist” (Painting) in 1959 and "National Artist" (Sculpture) in 1998.

THB 500 ฿ 500