Inson Wongsam : The Autonomous Spirit

     The Autonomous Spirit features over 100 works including sculptural pieces (1974-now), woodprints (1999-now), and the recent paintings (2013-now). His works usually reveal uniqueness in relation to the depth of human mind. The exhibition also includes another significant series of sculptures such as "Huay Fai" (1974-1977)

     which was created from the huge stump of teak unfolds the yearning for the purity abides in nature that instigates the community to concern with the loss of trees and forests; miniatures of "Sculptures Under the Sea" (1968-1974), a series of metallic sculptures that suggests the awareness of environmental problems and natural crises are. Some pieces belonging to the series will be fully expressed through a piece of Video art by Jirasak Saengpolsith, Thai contemporary artist; and there is also a set of reassemble sculptures (1997-now), which assembles distinctive pieces of wood with dowel joints that can be adjustable. 

THB 450 ฿ 450